24 Mar

About Guruji

Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji is a modern guru, philanthropist, and Samaritan, who has served the society through social causes and humanitarian initiatives. His work is inspiring and profound, while his public speech captivates people from all walks of life. With a life of simplicity, humility, extraordinary charity and devotion, Guruji lives in the hearts of many people, who look up to him as an exemplary human being.

With a desire to transform our society and remove evils from it, Guruji envisioned to make this world a better place to live in. Despite making a successful career in the construction industry, with a degree in civil engineering he was prompted to work for humanitarian causes and public welfare. While working for the betterment and upliftment of society, he reinvented ancient science of Vastu Shastra and introduced a unique and scientific concept of Saral Vaastu.

With a zeal and passion to dedicate his life for the nation, Guruji had been through a dilemma during his childhood as to which path he should adopt to serve his nation. At the age of 16, he expressed his desire to his father; however he did not receive any positive response. He went through the army selection process after his secondary school and got a setback when he got rejected during the physical examination due to his being underweight. However, his determination and compassion did not deter him from his goal and he moved ahead in his life and continued his further education. Unlike most of the people, who only think about themselves, he was selfless and always thought about others. It was rare for a person of his age to think about the nation.

After graduating in civil engineering he came to Mumbai with a small amount of money in his pocket but big dreams in his mind. He got a job in the construction company dedicatedly worked for almost 2 years. With experience and immense confidence, he started his own business and earned success, glory and prosperity within no time. However he was destined for better and great things in this world.

Guruji’s Vision

During the year 1997, Guruji happened to visit Tata Memorial Hospital to see one of his friends suffering from blood cancer. During his visit to the hospital he met some children, who were suffering from cancer. The entire scene was very heart-jolting and it was a difficult task to control ones emotions. His mind was filled with compassion for them. He was not able to accept the fact that these innocent children at such a tender age had to suffer from so much pain and distress.

Guruji’s Five Principle’s

Guruji has always followed five principles to lead a happy and prosperous life. These are inspiring lessons for each one of us if we want to lead a happy, content and successful life because people with clean and pure heart & thoughts are blessed souls on this earth.

  • Don’t cheat anybody in your life –
    This enhances your image in society

  • Be humble even though you reach any elevated position –
  • you will be adorable by people

  • Keep your parents always happy & seek blessings from them –
  • Their inner blessings are priceless

  • Do help the needy people –
  • Their prayers will always guard you during your difficult times

  • Be happy, to make others happy –
  • The happiness starts only from your dwelling house and work place